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Jordyn Meaney

Ph.D. Candidate

With a blend of scientific rigor and personal authenticity, I strive to make meaningful contributions to the world of synthetic biology while advocating for greater representation and acceptance of diverse identities in STEM.

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Research Interests

My primary research interest lies in the realm of synthetic biology applied to agricultural and environmental sustainability, with a specific focus on pioneering the development of self-fertilizing plants. Central to my work is the ambitious goal of initiating the evolution of a novel nitrogen-fixing organelle. This endeavor involves the innovative approach of introducing engineered rhizobia, specialized nitrogen-fixing bacteria, into yeast cells through whole cell engulfment. By harnessing the unique capabilities of both yeast and rhizobia, I aim to engineer a symbiotic relationship that enables the transfer of nitrogen-fixing functionality to eukaryotic organisms.

This research holds immense potential for revolutionizing agricultural practices by reducing the reliance on external nitrogen fertilizers, thereby mitigating environmental pollution and promoting sustainable crop production. Through my interdisciplinary approach, blending synthetic biology, genetics, and microbial engineering, I aspire to contribute to the development of transformative solutions for addressing global challenges in agriculture and environmental sustainability.

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